Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I don't understand why this hasnt published on my web page when I click on "Post & Publish." I don't get how this works. Hopefully it doesn't take too long. Last week, was an interesting class because I learnt that e-learning is not only about computers, which is what my initial reaction to this subject was... E-learning also includes video conferencing tele-learning.. I also learnt that e-learning is more about the processes and doesn't just exist in isolation. We read this case study, which was interesting. It was about the myths of e-learning, such as e-learning not just about technology, not just about information... Anyway, got to go because class is starting now and we are doing some more readings about the disadvantages and advantages.
Today in class we will be working in small groups with reading tasks and discussions. The class is smaller so hopefully we would be able to do more work and finish out Module 1. I'm not really sure exactly what Assignment 1 is all about, but all I know is that we have to hand in this weblog and subscribe to some e-newsletters and e-zines. I have already subscribed to some e-Newsletters but I am not sure how to show proof of it. What exactly is e-Zines anyway? I don't know what it is exactly so I haven't subsribed to any "e-Zines" yet!