Friday, March 28, 2003

Links to web pages for e-zines and e-newsletters:



Today, I finally subscribed to the e-zines and e-newsletters. I only chose 2 e-zines and 2 e-newsletters, which I thought would help me for future reference.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

OK... Now its almost 10pm, I'm really tired from uni and work.. and I also have work tomorrow, but I really wanted to find at least one e-newsletter or e-zine before I go to sleep. I found one that was related to e-learning!!! Finally, I know there are probably a 'million' ones all over the net, but I didn't know they all had to be related to e-learning, after all, that is our subject!!! And I know it will be useful throughout this subject. I originally thought that we just had to subscribe to ANY e-newsletters and e-zines that were of interest to us. But lucky I found out.

In class today, I learnt the various advantages and disadvantages of e-learning, and suprisingly, Anne said that there are various more disadvantages than advantages, even though we chose the affirmative (advantage of e-learning) team to win the debate. I guess they defintely had more points than the other group, and they picked at points the other team said and made them look like they were completely wrong!!! if you know what I mean. Anyway, better go now...

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Today I went on It was interesting to see my personality traits. Anyway, I found out what was expected for the e-zinnes and e-learning. So I guess that the quote e-zine I subscribed to from yesterday would be of no use, because the e-zines and e-learning have to relate to the e-learning, so that makes it difficult. Anyway, time to go.
Yesterday I went to subscribe to some e-zines and e-newsletters. I found one particularly interesting, the quote one. I read them and found it something I was interested in. I also contributed to the group discussion questions for the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning. I couldn't really find much, but read my other groups responses which were raelly informative. The other part was about the reading and questions on 'tools of online learning' in the handout. I managed to answer all the questions and posted my responses yesterday afternoon. It was good to see that the others in my group also made a contribution by the evening. Anyway, class is about to start soon, so I better get going. Bye!