Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Ok, I don't think I can do this online course on typingmaster.com. I might have to find another course such as easytype.com. The typingmaster.com only lets you do the first 2 lessons and then you have to order some llicense for the rest of the typing lessons. This is really frustrating because now I have to find another course to do, otherwise I'll have to analyse what I already have done, which is not much at all. I was really hoping to finish this course by this week. Hmm, now I am actually thinking of doing a language, that might be interesting. Although, I am not sure if we can change our complete course. I 'll just to see how I go.
This is stupid~ I don't get it... I am up to exercise 3.1 and they stated that for me to continue with this course I need a license??!!! So I click on yes, I agree, then they said that it is not available... I'm confused. So how am I going to complete a four-hour course??? What was the point of all those typing tests I did then??? What is the actual course??? Oh well, I guess I'll check with Anne tomorrow.
The other day the support system on typing master online replied and said that they must admit the link is hard to find, but it is under admin console. So I continued my typing then. Tonight, I might actually do a bit before I sleep because I really want to finish this course by this weekend so I can start on the theoretical aspect. This assignment is worth 45% so I better do well :) Anyway, better start my typing course before it gets too late. I'll probably reply back tomorrow in my e-learning class. Oh yeah, we get our assignments back tomorrow.