Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I continued some typing tonight and when I logged on my statistics were as follows:

79 lessons completed
27 WPM on average
3 Errors Per Minute (EPM) on average
14, 407 words

I also took a practice of the typing test

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Content for report (can use bullet points, headings etc.) - NO WORD LIMIT. MUST CRITICALLY EVALUATE.

*Use the Activity 3.4 Evaluating the Course framework

why you did the course? - SEE Actitvity 3.4 Evaluating the Course

Can also use the Blurb/Background for
Course duration


Personal opinion "I"
Own experience


Comparisons with expectations
Did you learn anything???
Any other issues


How can you this course better?
Enjoyment factor?
More effective? How? Why?


(Short paragraph)

Sum up how you feel


(Can use appendix)

Eg. certificates, screen shot of something

Factors: (class work)

- Individual development
- Consistency of delivery
- Saving money
- Time spent
- Readiness
- Resistance learner organisational management
Focus questions (basis for report):

1. What were your expectations?
2. What are your expectations now?
3. What did you learn? (content, e-learning)
4. What would you recommend?

My expectations for this course was to help me type faster with an adequate speed level, with accuracy and mainly the correct finger positions on the keyboard. I expected that I will be a competent typer by the end of it.

After completing my course, I expected to have complete it with ease and simplicity and been able to achieve my initial goals (see above). This course must continually be re-inforced, as the more practice I do, the more I will improve in my typing. I guess now that I have completed my course, or almost completed it, I realise that I definetely need more practice and 4 hours is not enough to have an adequate typing speed with accuracy and minimal errors. I guess though, for this assignment, the 4 hours is the requirement and I guess I will have to evaluate what I have done so far.

I learnt the correct finger positions on the keyboard, even though sometimes it is hard to always keep up with it. I also learnt that typing needs to be continually practiced, and doesn't stop at 4 hours. In regards to e-learning, I learnt the interactive part, where there was sound from the mentor and his dog.

I recommend as previously mentioned that typing must constantly be practiced and to always try and use the correct finger positions on the keyboard as much as possible.

Evaluation: I really enjoyed this course so far. I thought it was really interactive and that the mentor and his dog were entertaining.

I just found out that easy type is only available for evening and weekend, and for licensed users, it is available any time. Here is the message posted on their website:



Due to very high volume, individual usage of EasyType is restricted to evening and weekend hours.

M-F from 9AM to 5PM EST EasyType is only available to licensed users. If you would like more information on licensing you may contact Easy Net Learning the authors of EasyType.


Fair enough!
Ok I finally got on it last night and did a few exercises... I like the how when you actually log out and come back in whenever like after a few hours or few days, etc. they tell you exactly what you are up to, how many words you have types so far, words per minute, error per minute, etc. I think I have done the 4 hours requirement or very, very close to 4 hours, as I have done this consistently over the past few days, I think starting on Friday or Saturday. I really like this course. It is very interactive, and the typing lessons aren't too boring... I plan to continue with this course even after I hand in the evaluation next week. This assignment is worth 45% I guess Anne will be telling us what is required for our evaluation tomorrows lesson. I hope its ok. I find that I type much faster when the words are composed of sentences you actually know and not just any odd letter in the alphabet. I also find my weaknesses in using the correct finger position on the keyboard on numbers and symbols, and sometimes the bottom row of letters. It's also a bit hard not to cheat and look at the keyboard every now and again, and sometimes I don't fully use the correct positioning on the keyboard!!! (like what I am doing now).

Sunday, May 18, 2003

I keep trying here is what it keeps saying:


EasyType is busy. Please try again later.

You can contact us at Easy Net Learning with questions about the free version of EasyType.


The free version of EasyType is intended for individual home use. Schools may obtain a site-license to a commercial-free version of EasyType through The Learning Station a leading educational ASP. If you are interested in finding out more about a school license, please contact Kari Smith. *** THIS IS FOR SCHOOL LICENSES ONLY - DO NOT CONTACT LEARNING STATION ABOUT THE FREE VERSION OF EASYTYPE ***


I think I might give up and try later tonight after work, if I'm up for it... That's probably the bad thing about this course. Oh well, every course has its pros and cons. What do you expect when they're for free online?
I received an email from Anne saying that I can change courses. I tried go onto the EasyType site, but the site is currently busy. I hope this doesn't do this all the time. Oh well, I'll guess I'll have to mention that in my evaluation. It happened last night but I refreshed the screen, and I was able to get on. But now, even though I refresh it, it doesn't work. Anyway, I'll keep trying.. wanna type faster... hehe
Today I continued with my typing course, new one at I actually started this on Friday and now continuing. So far... so good. I emailed Anne if its possible that I can change from to this one. Sometimes, I find it hard to avoid looking at the keys on the keyboard. I think approximately my WPM is around 28... which is really really slow. My accuracy is pretty good, though, I find that typing words that do exist, is much easier than just any word with a combination of letters. I like how this course includes like a mentor (a boy and a dog) and the course isn't too long and boring, like the After a few courses, they include fun games. So far, my experiences with this course is positive, compared to I hope that Anne approves. I wonder how long this course actually goes for??? Hopefully it's not too long. Most importantly, how beneficial is this for my long term learning? I guess this is something that should constantly be re-inforced and practices, thus, not a skill, that you expect to be pro at from one course! Well, I might actually continue this course tonight, or wait till tomorrow morning. Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow then for my next evaulation for this course.